As we head on through the year, those new years resolutions once made in January seem a distant memory. The less healthy foods have been creeping back into the diet, and the amount of weekly workouts are dwindling. You are not alone, this happens to many but often because they fail to go around the process in the correct way.

​Before setting out you need to have a set goals planned for throughout the year, some short term and some long term. Make sure these goals are realistic and achievable, there’s no point in setting a goal you probably wont achieve, but at the same time still make it challenging for yourself. When you hit your target the feeling of self achievement will spur you on and help keep you motivated.
​It is important that you keep your workouts varied. To quote Einstein ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and expecting different results’. Your body becomes used to a certain stress that is applied, so make sure your changing the variables in your workouts (time, weight, repetition, intensity). It is often best to get your workout plans written by a professional who can keep track and monitor the sessions. (See Online Coaching for more information)

​Plan your weekly meals, make sure they are healthy (lean meat, plenty of fruit and veg) and try to track your calories. If on a daily basis you are consuming less, calorie wise, than you are burning off, you will certainly lose weight. Once again if you are struggling with ideas, purchase a diet plan off a nutritionist. This will give you more meal ideas and will be of the right amount of calories for your BMI and activity levels.

​Finally it is most important that you keep the right frame of mind. Don’t see it as something you come in and come out of from time to time. See it as a lifestyle choice. Surely the  most important thing in life is a longer and healthier future. Always keep a positive outlook and hopefully the motivation will stay with you for good.