It is estimated that around 80% of the population will, at some point, have a problem with their lower back. The lumbar area of the vertebrae is the area which endures the most strain as the spine twists and bends. Due to this strain, the muscles can often be weakened as they get pulled out of position by poor technique when lifting objects. Although the problems are often muscular, the pain can still be quite intense and long lasting. It makes everyday tasks, like driving a car, tying a shoe lace and even sleeping, much harder!

Most lower back problems can be rectified without surgery. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle you can start an exercise program. This will start to increase blood flow around your body and to the spine which, in turn, will provide healing nutrients and hydration to the disks. If you strengthen the stomach and core muscles, they will take away a lot of the pressure on the lower back. Subsequently if you are carrying a little too much weight on the stomach, the more you lose, the less pressure!

You can try to correct your posture. Always try to stand up straight, pull your shoulder blades back and keep your head up. Whilst you’re slouching you are pulling all the back muscles out of position which lengthens them the wrong way.
Always lift things correctly, through the legs not the back. Try to keep your back straight and head up when picking anything from the floor.
Stretching helps especially after you have exercised. Back pain can sometimes e from tight hamstrings so try and stretch them everyday. Lengthening your hamstrings help to decrease the pressure on your pelvis which will provide relief across your lower back.

Always take care of your lower back as it is the most import part of the spine for movement.